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Expats living in Sitges, near Barcelona

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Facebook Group: Sitges Expats for Business

Guide & Information exchange, on earning a living, for those who are staying in Sitges or Sitges Hills

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Register at Town Hall

Everyone who wants to live in Sitges or take up residence in Sitges, have the duty and the right to register at the Town Hall, regardless of nationality or origin. This requirement (free) is necessary to access the municipal services, for children’s schools enrollment, to get the healthcare card or request any other social benefits. Those who have not the permanent residence permit in Spain must update the census every two years.
This formality can be done in the OAC offices (Citizen Attention Offices) OAC
c/. Nou, 12, 08870 Sitges
Tel: 010 / +34 93 811 48 04

OAC Garraf,
Plaça Baró Güell, s/ni
OAC Les Botigues
Passeig Marítim de les Botigues de Sitges, 1
Documents required for the registration:
– DNI (national identity card), passport, ID card home country …
– Rental contract, deed of ownership or authorization of the owner of the housing where will the registration. (current or proof of monthly payments, if rolling on from the original term/rental period)

Info for Newcomers

The Sitges Town Council, specifically the ‘Regidoría de la Diversidad’, has a service called ‘Sitges Acollidor’ where they provide information about resources and services available in the town for newcomers regarding issues like registration, health card, schooling for children, processing of reports of social embeddedness and family reunification to be attached to the documentation submitted to the central government representatives. It also has a legal advisory service where everything related for immigration, residence documentation, work, labor and civil rights …
It also offers counseling to people who need it as soon as it related to migration.

They offer courses and workshops to promote integration and knowledge of the Catalan language and culture, Sitges history and traditions and activities that foster mutual knowledge of all citizens

Sitges Acollidor
Plaça de l’Hospital, 5, 2n pis
Tel: +34 93 811 39 47

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Questions from Expats

Information requested by Sitges Expats, to relocate & live in Sitges
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What activities should local groups arrange?

What to do in Sitges & Garaff

Checking the likely participation in group activities. Especially during Spring, during the time it isn't too hot to get active.
Independently, via Meetup.com or local tourist sites, such as GarrafTours.com or CatalunyaExcursions.com

Ten Pin Bowling Night *

There is a big Bowling Alley in Vilanova, who fancies it?

Pitch & Putt in Sitges at Weekend *

Or daily from 23rd June Has a Bar : Pool Table/Ping Pong! http://sitges.me/sports-activities/sitges-minigolf-pitch-putt/

Olerdola Castle (few hours/half day) *

Nice castle with tours, Rock Graves at same place. 20 mins away from Sitges

Paintball(half day) *

There is one in Olivella 20 - 30 mins away from Sitges (might be others)

Caves *

Who fancies visiting a Cave. There are a few. One has a boat you ride through on.

Walk in hills behind Sitges *

Relatively easy walk for an hour or two (there is a tiny/easy cave, just behind Sitges, 5 mins away: http://experiencesitges.com/listing/cova-negra-black-cave-19-mins/)

Walk in Garraf behind Sitges *

Relatively easy walk for a couple of hours or more

Montserrat Monastery (full day) *

Trip to Montserrat Monastery http://experiencesitges.com/listing/montserrat-monastery-abbey/

Horse Riding behind Sitges *

Understand they offer a walk around Garraf or actual lessons (Fran knows more)

GreenWay and La Fontcalda (Full Day) *

Amazing disused railway through mountains, now a Cycle Park

Volley Ball *

Muck about, opposite the Church, before the crowds appear (always wanted to join a game, when passing, but need get better first!) Not sure how we can be sure of it's being available (maybe a look out, just before!)

Garraf Observatory Eve/Night Visit *

Price: Adults: 15 EUR (there are Free nights but rare) Last one started at 20:30hrs 24 mins from Sitges via BV-2111 http://www.sitges.net/blog/garraf-observatory-observatori-astronomic-del-garraf/ PREVIOUS EVENTS: http://www.sitgesevents.com/event/november-sky-at-observatory-in-garraf-observatori-astronomic-del-garraf/ http://www.sitgesevents.com/event/free-night-at-observatory-in-garraf-observatori-astronomic-del-garraf/

Barcelona Museum *

At the risk of being dorky!... maybe we could go to a Museum or similar in Barcelona We went to this one: http://sitges.me/days-out/history-museum-contains-roman-barcino-the-original-barcelona/

Monster Jam 2015 (Monster Trucks Show) *

June 20, 2015 - 20: 00h Olympic Stadium (Montjuïc) - Barcelona

Sister Act, musical in Barcelona *

Only have to before MAY 10 Or a similar Musical, in Barcelona

International Motor Show Barcelona (Sat 9th or 10th) *

07 May 2015 - 17 May 2015 Per Adult (over 10yrs):12 € Montjuïc, Pl. Espanya, s/n, Barcelona http://www.salonautomovil.com/
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Answers for Tourists or Expats

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